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We are school councillors at Altmore and Lathom Federation schools. Our aim is to meet the needs of all the children in our schools. There are 16 school councillors from Lathom School and 10 school councillors from Altmore School. In this assembly we will tell you what a role of a school councillor is.

Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 have a school councillor representing their class. We have a Chair Person and Secretary from Year 6. We work in 4 groups when we discuss the topic in the meetings. In each group there are children from Year 1 to Year 6 and everyone’s thoughts are valued.

We have meetings with Mrs Panesar and Mrs. Sabina twice in a term at Lathom School. We discuss the topic and talk to our classes to have their opinion about it in our class meetings. Then we take it back to our School Councillors meeting to make the final decision and share it with our classes in our class meeting. We meet with Yolanda to make final decisions.

We have worked on Anti-bulling statement and school rules. Soon we will be sharing it with all of you in our next class meeting. We have raised funding for Children in Need. As school we have raised £ 247.30p. We should raise more money than this next time.

Few weeks ago, we started to sell rola bottles with our school logo in it. We are encouraging every single child to buy one as it represents Lathom and Altmore schools. They are £2 each. The colours are purple, green, red and blue.
We are approachable, you can come to see us during Playtime or lunchtime. We will respect your opinion. We would need support from everyone in our school to make our school a better place for everyone.

Now we are going to ask you some questions to see if you know about the role of Altmore and Lathom Federation School Councillors.

Has anyone got any questions to ask?

Thank you for listening to our assembly!