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Who are the Governors of Altmore and Lathom federation?

There are 4 types of School Governors.

  • Staff Governors
  • Parent Governors
  • Community Governors.
  • LA Governors

What Do The Governors Do?

The Governors care about Altmore and Lathom Schools and want the very best for all the children who come to the school. We help to do this by being a  ‘critical friend’ to Sarah, the Headteacher, and all her staff. The school is not run by the Governors: that job is done by the Headteacher and her team, and all day-to-day decisions are made by this senior management team. However, twice a term at the meeting of the Governing Body the Headteacher presents a report about the school; the governors study the information and asks questions. It is their role to check to check that everything is being done to give our children the best possible education. Governors monitor all aspects of school life. Here are a few examples.

Target Setting – each year targets are set for our children’s academic achievement The Governors must ensure that the targets are realistic but challenging. Then, at the end of the day, we assess the degree to which these targets have been met.

School Budget – How the school should spend the money allocated to it by the LA.

Recruitment of Senior Staff – Representatives from the Governing Body are present at interviews for Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher and play an active role in their selection.

Attendance – Governors monitor the school attendance records and support the Headteacher in trying to improve attendance at school.

School Self Evaluation - This is a very important part of our role, and the SEF document outlines the school’s philosophy and style of teaching, forming the basis of our Ofsted inspection. It is vital in helping the Governing Body identify the strengths and weaknesses of the school. Governors regularly review this document.

Personal Development and Well Being – Just as important as academic success is the quality of our children’s health and happiness.


All Governors have the opportunity to take part in training sessions run by the Local Authority. These sessions cover a wide range of topics from understanding the budget, dealing with exclusions, getting ready for Ofsted inspections and understanding the curriculum. They are informative and interesting and also provide an opportunity to meet other Governors from different schools in the Borough.

Who can be a Governor?

There are no qualifications required to be a Governor – anyone from our community whatever their background or occupation could make a good Governor. At the least you will need to have patience and the time to read and understand the many documents prepared by the school prior to each meeting, and a willingness to ask questions and the ability to listen to and respect other’s opinions.

Staff Governors bring their professional teaching knowledge to the table. Community and LA Governors may be selected for specialist expertise in finance or business, but The Parent Governor needs no special skills, just a commitment and passion to help improve the school and the academic and personal well being of all our children.

Parent Governors, although needing to communicate with and understand other parents’ concerns, are not delegates and act according to their own opinions and conscience. Difficult decisions may have to be made and disagreements aired in debate – however, any majority decision by the Governing Body must be respected and supported by all Governors.

Being a Governor requires an investment of time and a commitment to some hard work and concentration, but the opportunity to learn new skills and to be part of a successful school with happy children is very rewarding.

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