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  • Each class from year 1 to year 6 has a school councillor representing their class
  • We are known as the ‘Voice of our class’
  • Our aim is to make sure that every child in our school is safe and happy.

The selection of the school councillors

We were excited to find out that we were chosen to be a part of the School Council by voting from our class. We were proud to be one of the school councillors. Mrs Panesar gave us a warm welcome by inviting all of us to a meeting where we got to know the other School Councillors.

Meeting the Altmore school coucillors

On our first ever school council meeting, we got to meet the ten Altmore School Councillors. After getting to know the Altmore School Council, we were split into four groups. There were maximum eight children in one group. We had a great time in our first meeting. Also, we chose our chairperson, Sapna and our secretary, Lathisan. We had a great time in our first meeting. We also got our own identity of school councillors. We got a badge and a pass that showed our roles.

Anti-bullying statement and school rules

In our next meeting, we were discussing about the competition that was about to be held by the school councillors. It was a school competition to see who made the best posters. Years Three and Five made School Rules posters. The Year Four and Six students created posters on Anti Bullying Statement. In our eighth meeting, we had a hard time selecting the best posters. However, in the end, Alesha (class 7) won the School Rules Competition and

Selling water bottles

This year, we have sold some bottles that were designed last year by the children in the ‘Young Apprentice’ project. We wrote a letter to parents about the bottles that was written by Hridima and Ashritha, each bottle was £2. We sold many bottles and raised a lot of money. Totally we sold over 50 bottles!

Assemblies that we did

Throughout the year, two assemblies were held- one in Lathom and one in Altmore. We talked about our role and our achievements, e.g. selling water bottles, school rules and anti-bullying statement. We made a presentation and did a lot of practice. We were so proud.


In meeting 5, we made a pupil survey. Each child filled one out anonymously. In addition, we did a travelling survey for each class. We were so happy to find out that most of our pupils walk to school.


Advaitha Year 2 – Class 12
I talk about how we can make our
school better. I talk to my class and
I go to meetings at Lathom Junior
School. We talked about anti-bullying.

Mathujan Year 3 – Class 16
I wanted to be a school councillor
because I get to help people.
Other children respect me as I am
school councillor. I really want
to share ideas and
make changes in school.