About us

Altmore is a large, friendly, multi-ethnic, inclusive Infant school, with a Children’s Centre, Pre-School and Nursery EYFS all on the same site. We serve a diverse community in East Ham, in the London Borough of Newham, East London. Our Pre-School and Nursery are part of the Infant school – where we also have specialist sensory provision, as well as soft play provision in our Children’s Centre, which is used by our school and local community. We work in a Hard Federation with our feeder Junior School (Lathom).

We have five-forms of entry throughout our school. Children transfer into Year R from our Nursery provision and from a range of other EYFS settings. Transition is a high priority – not only in the context of children separating from their families when they start Pre-school, or Nursery, but also transitioning from a familiar EYFS setting to one of our Year R classes, as well as ‘moving up a year group’, as part of the normal transition at the start of the academic year.
Staff manage these transitions extremely well – they get to know children (their families) and children’s needs quickly, and identify, adapt and use resources creatively. Staff ensure continuity of provision for children and with the support of our specialist SLT and SEND Lead Practitioner, identify and deliver specific training, to ensure that the needs of particular children are supported, and targeted strategies implemented as quickly as possible.

Partnership is an important and effective aspect of our work, examples include: the positive relationships we have with our families – parents want their children to learn well, to develop positive learning behaviours and attitudes, they are very supportive of the school; the effectiveness of our partnerships with pre-school and specialist learning support services in adapting advice and strategies which enable the early identification of children with SEND, and for those already known to us, ensure that they make expected progress; being the lead facilitator of the E6 Partnership, co-ordinating working with 9 local schools to support moderation of standards in a locality context; participating in peer reviews with colleagues in other LBN Primary schools; partnership working with a number of Teaching School Alliances; engagement with our local Library Service – promoting Reading Challenges; engagement with the London Children’s Book Project, etc. all offer our children experiences and opportunities that excite and motivate them.

An exciting development (during lockdown and since fully re-opening) has been our partnerships with a range of online learning support providers.

It is a pleasure to talk about our children’s behaviour – towards each other and their enthusiasm for and engagement in their learning. They respond positively to the range of exciting and challenging opportunities planned by staff.

All children demonstrate very positive attitudes towards their learning and each other – they continue to have the desire to learn well, and show pride in their achievements. These achievements are celebrated in weekly assemblies.

Our school reflects the multi-cultural and rich diversity of our local area. As a school we recognise that our context means that we need to think creatively and do things differently. We are outward looking, and enthusiastically seek strong partnerships with a range of providers and agencies which play an important part in our offer to our children and their families.

Not only by direct support with individual/groups of children, but also through training delivered to our staff, which they use to enable access and inclusion for all children in their learning.