At Altmore Infant School, we aim to provide a history curriculum that allows pupils to become passionate and curious about history, as well as furthering pupils’ historical skills and knowledge.

We believe it is imperative that our children are exposed to a range of different historical people from the past who have contributed to society and therefore influence the lives we live today such as Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale or Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Topics begin with a ‘hook’ which aims to bring learning to life and engage children in wanting to know and find out more. An example of a ‘hook’ in history includes dressing up as medieval characters before undertaking our topic of, ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’ or participating in educational excursions such as our walk around East Ham, where children look at their local environment so that they can make accurate comparisons between the past and present.

Throughout our students’ time at Altmore they begin to understand and appreciate Britain’s past and gain an understanding of how it has influenced our lives today. The cornerstone topics we teach develop our pupils’ understanding of past societies through the use of exploring and talking about Historical artefacts and events. We also aim to encourage children to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence and develop perspective and judgement.

Subject specific vocabulary is also taught to children, and they are encouraged to use and understand this when discussing and evaluating sources of evidence, significant people and events.

Finally, throughout the academic year our children participate in a number of learning opportunities which enhance their awareness of the past and how these events have impacted current society and mind-set, such as Black History Week, Remembrance Day, London History Day, VE Day, Holocaust Memorial Day as well as other significant days of the year.

Year 2

Black History – Louis Armstrong

Florence Nightingale Fact File


Glossary of historical words

Castles Fact File