Collective Worship

Collective worship at Altmore Infant School is embedded as part of our school life, through daily assemblies either within the whole year group or groups within our school.

Assemblies provide a time when children come together to celebrate, reflect and learn from experiences of religion, world events, music and celebrations which in turn helps to promote their cultural capital. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for children to consider spiritual and moral issues, to develop community spirit and reinforce positive attitudes.

The assemblies are mapped out each term and coincide with major National and International events and Religious celebrations. Religious themes have included The Nativity story, Guru Nanak and Shrove Tuesday. Charitable events such as the Pakistan Flood Relief and Children in Need have raised awareness of the work that charities do.

Assemblies are also a time for us all to reflect on certain issues such as mental health awareness and so assemblies have a moral purpose to enrich our students and keep them safe.

During these assemblies children are encouraged to engage by sharing their views and opinions.  At the end of the assembly children are offered the opportunity to sit quietly in order to reflect on or pray to their God about what has been shared and discussed.

Please click on the links below to see our assembly themed timetable.

Assemblies 2022 – 2023