We offer a variety of After School Clubs to meet the different interests of children. We believe that clubs are a valuable extension to the school day allowing children the additional opportunities to work with their peers and adults. Children who attend clubs regularly have expressed a sense of achievement and enjoyment that has resulted in increased confidence, motivation and commitment towards school life and their learning.

Children and parents have a choice of which clubs they wish to select and are asked to make three choices in order of preference. Places are then allocated on a first come, first served basis. However, we try our hardest to ensure that all children who show an interest in clubs do get a place, even though it may not have been their first choice. When your child gets a place in a club it is important that they attend each week as the place could have been offered to another child.

All clubs start at 3.30pm and finish at 4.30pm.

Currently, children in Year 1 are attending After School Clubs. Please click on the link to view.