Term and Holiday Dates


Term 1 – Autumn 2021
School: Wednesday 1st September 2021 to Friday 22nd October 2021

Children starts school on Monday 06 September 2021
Holiday: Monday 25 October 2021 to Friday 29 October 2021

Term 2 – Autumn 2021
School: Tuesday 1st November 2021 to Friday 17th December 2021

Holiday: Monday 20th December 2021 to Tuesday 4th January 2022

Term 3 – Spring 2022
School: Wednesday 5th January 2022 to Friday 11th February 2022

Holiday: Monday 14th February 2022 to Friday 18th February 2022

Term 4 – Spring 2022
School: Monday 21st February 2022 to Monday 4th April 2022

Holiday: Monday 4th April 2022 to Monday 18th April 2022

Term 5 – Summer 2022
School: Tuesday 19th April 2022 to Friday 27th May 2022

Holiday: Monday 30th May 2022 to Friday 3rd June 2022

May Day: 2nd May 2022
School used as Polling Station: 5th May 2022

Term 6 – Summer 2022
School: Monday 6th June 2022 to Wednesday 20h July 2022

Holiday: Thursday 21st July 2022 to (To be advised)

Please take a note that we do not authorise any family leave or holiday during term time. Parents who choose to ignore this rule run a risk of loosing their child’s school place.

Teacher Training Days

Wednesday 1st September 2021
Thursday 2nd September 2021
Friday 3rd September 2021

Religious Holidays

As agreed by Governors, there are no assigned closure days for the religious observance days. Children who are celebrating or observing a religious festival with their family will be marked in class register as religious observance – if the festival falls on a school day.