In KS1, English lessons and Reading are taught through our bespoke units of work designed around a CLPE core text (wherever possible) each term. These units of work are designed by our teachers and aim to include:

  • introducing a text
  • making predictions about a text
  • walking through a text
  • reading a text and exploring the text in great detail
  • role playing scenes from a text, focussing on using the story language and story vocabulary
  • ordering the sequence of events
  • taking part in comprehension/reciprocal reading lessons
  • writing book reviews

Year 1 – books

Year 2 – books

As well as our bespoke planning around English children also have the following opportunities:

Daily opportunities

Phonic sessions for 20 minutes
Guided Reading for 25 minutes
1hr English lesson

Weekly opportunities

Whole class Reciprocal Reading session
Story times in the afternoons
Eric (Everybody reads in class)

Termly opportunities

Reading Café (see Exciting Reading additions)
Library visits to Newham Library.

Useful Websites

Oxford Owl

Book Trust

Literacy Trust

Love reading 4 kids

Summer reading challange

Books for topics – 50 Recommended Reads for Reception50 Recommended Reads for Year 150 Recommended Reads for Year 2