Nursery and Traditional Tales

In Term 6 our Topic is Traditional Tales. This is a new topic for this year to help develop the children’s understanding of stories and to develop their role play and imaginative ideas ready for the work and storytelling they will do in Reception.

We began with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as the children grew their own beanstalks last term. We worked together to make the Giant’s castle.

The children have had lots of role play opportunities to imagine being in the role of ‘Goldilocks’ or a ‘Little Pig’ for example. They had props to support their imaginative skills and to develop their story.

They created their own Gingerbread Man and decided how they want them to look and to think about how the Gingerbread Man was feeling and what that looks like. We sang ‘Run, run as fast as you can,’ and decided other ways that the Gingerbread man could move and which instrument best represented that action.

We thought of a new way for the Gingerbread man to cross the river so that he reached the other side safely.

We made porridge and gingerbread men for the children to experience different tastes and textures as well as exploring how materials change.